A Virtually Amazing Experience

From online events to pre-recorded programs, Karen delivers fun, interactive virtual presentations full of relevant content that will engage and captivate your audience.

Karen McCullough, Certified Virtual Presenter

“"Our conference wouldn’t have been the same without Karen McCullough. She researched our industry, understood the challenges facing our attendees, and provided one of the best programs we’ve ever seen. It was educational, insightful, timely, fun…and it was a Prerecorded VIRTUAL! We rarely if ever repeat speakers, but Karen is the exception. We just booked her for next year’s LIVE conference in San Antonio!"”

Steven Williams

Operation Director, Modular Building Institute


Face Change Head On

The difference between a bland virtual program and an amazing virtual experience all comes down to the content and how it’s delivered. As a Certified Virtual Presenter and experienced professional speaker, Karen knows how to adapt her content to fit the camera lens.

Whether you choose pre-recorded content or a live-streamed program, Karen delivers fun, interactive, inspiring virtual presentations that will engage and captivate your audience and ensure the success of your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference in live streaming and prerecorded programs?

Live-streaming sessions are more interactive and more personal with customized content to fit your needs.

Pre-record eases the stress level when it comes to executing the event. Fewer things could go wrong!

Pre-recorded adds the WOW Factor. While a live virtual event can be more interactive, a prerecorded session can look more professional and be more exciting. Pre-recorded virtual presentations merge the best elements of an in-person keynote with great post-production special effects including graphics, sound effects, and music.

What is a hybrid program?

Hybrid is where the presentation is recorded, but the speaker is communicating live through the chat while the presentation is playing and continues live afterwards with a live Q&A session.

How does the format differ for virtual from an in-person event?

Virtual events formats differ in five ways:

  1. Shorter presentations, typically between 30-45 minutes
  2. Moderated Q&As: About 15 additional minutes are spent answering attendee questions
  3. Interactive: My programs could include interactive games, live polls, music, animated visuals, and break out rooms.
  4. Pre-Recorded: Keynotes are pre-recorded in advance
  5. Customized content: Karen tailors her content for the specific audience, often in real-time

How can I engage my audience virtually?

Regardless of the format, conferences and meetings are about communicating relevant and exciting new ideas that spark discussion and keep the conversation going. Whether it’s through live Q&A, real-time polls, or games, there are a number of ways to get your audience to participate in an online event.

How are virtual events priced?

A common assumption about virtual and pre-recorded events is that they are much less expensive because there is no travel involved.

While it is true that there are no travel expenses associated with a virtual or pre-recorded event, there are additional production costs that can often be as much or more than travel expenses.

A few things to consider when budgeting your next virtual event:

  • Regardless of format, you are still paying for the speaker's content, knowledge, and value-based expertise.
  • Cost will vary based on the amount of customization you need
  • Your audience size will effect the overall cost

What is the best format for my event?

Depending on your goals, and your audience, you might find that a prerecorded “on-stage” style presentation or keynote is the right fit, while others prefer something closer to a webinar, with presentation slides and increased participation and learning.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits all! Try to incorporate some form of Q&A or moderated discussion to keep the topic alive and the conversation flowing.

Our healthcare leaders had great reviews about Karen! She was an excellent presenter to our leadership team of 100+ members. We loved her energy, content, and the interactions through this live-stream virtual setting! She integrated music, break-out rooms, and intentional interactive discussions through the session to ensure that participants felt connected. Karen was intentional in customizing her topic to our needs. The leadership team shared that our session was timely and relevant. They appreciated the concepts around setting boundaries, taking time to recharge and to ensure that self-care is a priority.

Qiara Suggs

Director, HR Business Partners | Memorial Hermann Sugarland and Southwest

Virtual Speaking Topics

Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

Karen delivers fun, interactive, inspiring virtual presentations that will engage and captivate your audience. Her speaking programs and topics can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The following is a list of topics that can be incorporated into your next virtual live-streamed or pre-recorded event.

  • It’s Not Personal-It’s Generational
  • Beyond the Brand
  • Change Is Good…YOU Go First
  • Your Guide to Gen Z
  • Supercharge Your Productivity
  • Stand Up and Stand Out (Personal Branding)
  • Mastering Resilience
  • Time to Recharge – Self-Care is a Priority
Karen McCullough's Virtual and Pre-Recorded Speaking Programs