Tired of Working from Home? You’re Not Alone!

2020-10-28T19:48:20+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

Remember back in March when the pandemic hit the U.S., and you left your desk, packed up your things, and started working from home? If you're anything like me, you thought that you would be back at work in a few weeks or maybe, at the most, in a few months. Well, it looks like working from home might be in effect a bit longer—until the end of 2021, especially [...]


How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Recommendation

2021-01-15T15:37:03+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

I have to admit that I have neglected LinkedIn for a long time. Although I hopped on its platform years ago, most of my social time and energy went to the more playful and engaging sites like Facebook and Instagram.  But, now I am putting my attention towards LinkedIn. Right now is the best time to focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where Instagram was 5 years ago. . With more than [...]


How to Make Your Brain Smarter!

2019-12-13T15:33:37+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

One of the great perks in being a professional speaker is that I do get to hear mind –blowing presentations. Last week I had the privilege of listening to Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, founder and leader of the Center for BrainHealth at UT Dallas discussing how to make your brain smarter. Dr. Chapman shared her knowledge on brain health and how we can improve it. It turns out we can actually [...]


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