Generational Advantage:

 Leading in a Multigenerational Workplace

If you are looking for an upbeat presentation on the Generations look no further. Karen McCullough’s Generational Advantage keynote takes a positive approach to generations in the workplace and in your organization. It’s an exciting time! The U.S. workforce now has up to five generations working side-by-side. This wealth of talent provides organizations access to a deep well of experience and expertise. It also challenges leaders and  professionals to better understand what engages and drives their multigenerational teams.

We are all working towards the same goal, which is continued success of our organizations. And, without productivity from, engagement with, and retention of our entire multigenerational workforce this cannot happen.  It’s time to open our mindset and embrace the generational advantage.


  • Gain a  new insights on all the generations

  • Inspire collaboration

  • Discover the 3 things top talent want from their employer

  • Identify the areas of  generational conflict such as  miscommunication, feedback, transparency, career development

  • Embrace a “Millennial Mindset” because it’s changing the culture

  • Prepare for Gen Z – They are different from Millennials

Liji Thomas

Liji Thomas

Senior Manager Diversity & Inclusion / Southwest Airlines

“Everybody at Southwest is still talking about YOU! Thank you again for the marvelous job you did. You created such impact here. The Generations program helped reinforce the power of inclusion, and furthermore mirrored our strong culture that has People at its core. Thanks again for a job well done, Karen!”

“Thank you again for your outstanding presentation at ECOS. It was fun – even electrifying – and absolutely relevant to recruiting, engaging, retaining & fully utilizing individuals of every age and generation in our mission. Bravo!”

Tom Tyler | Acting Director at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Tom Tyler

Acting Director / Integrated Environmental Strategies Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency