Conquering Conidence

 Through Mastery

In a world of instant gratification, superhero infatuation, and overnight success stories, we’ve somehow lost the practice of mastery .  Many of us get overwhelmed with fear and self-doubt, and we do nothing.

To be successful, we must conquer the fear in our heads by tapping into  the  “energy” the fear has created.  Using that  energy plus some determination, we can  power through  the self-doubt and fear and  do the work – mastery.  With mastery comes confidence. Let Karen show you ther step by step process  to acheive mastery.

Practice + Experience = Mastery… With Mastery Comes Confidence


  • Take a deep dive into self-awareness (Your secret weapon)

  • Learn and practice  the 6 steps to Mastery

  • Uncover the  Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt

  • Embrace procrastination

  • Examine your self-talk