Building Confidence – Conquering Fear

A recent study reveals that a rising number of US employees admit they suffer from bouts of low self-esteem and a lack in confidence.  Low confidence makes us doubt our abilities and judgements preventing us from taking small risks and decision making.  In this keynote, Karen  shares her personal journey overcoming  failure, loss, and her struggle with fear.  She will give you her steps to achieving mastery and joy.  Get ready to laugh, learn, and you may even walk out of the keynote a little taller.

Practice + Experience = Mastery… With Mastery Comes Confidence


  • Take a deep dive into self-awareness.

  • Learn the art of “Failing-Fast” and moving on.

  • Uncover the  “Imposter Syndrome” and self-doubt.

  • Define yourself and own your identity.

  • Examine the self-talk-cycle – Thoughts- Emotions-Behaviors-Outcomes.