Fail Fast, Pivot, and Rebound!

No matter how successful or talented we are, an unexpected setback, mistake, or failure can directly impact our self-confidence. Low confidence makes us doubt our abilities and judgments and prevents us from taking small risks and decision making.
Success stories are great. A story of success while overcoming a failure,  is even better, and Karen McCullough has a great one to share. In this keynote, she will tell  her journey of fear, loss, and failure as it relates to the unexpected benefits of growth, joy, and success. It’s interactive, it’s funny, and it’s real!

Practice + Experience = Mastery… With Mastery Comes Confidence


  • Gain better self-awareness..

  • Learn the art of “Failing-Fast” and moving on.

  • Uncover the “Imposter Syndrome” and self-doubt.

  • Explore the practice and benefits of mindfulness.

  • Examine the self-talk-cycle – Thoughts- Emotions-Behaviors-Outcomes.

  • Harness your creativity and improve resilience.