Change is Good – You Go First

Keeping Up with the Pace of Change

Today change is more complex, more frequent and for many, more overwhelming. We all need tools and rituals that will help us not just survive but thrive. In this keynote Karen empowers you with three critical steps that will help you lead and inspire change. She will debunk several myths around how to motivate change and share the missing link to growing a culture of engagement. You will receive the framework to help you and your team successfully embrace change.

Whether your natural instinct is to embrace change or to run from it, this program is for you! You will leave with tools that will help you develop a “growth mindset” accessing new ways of communication, new skills, and making a positive change.


  • Discover how attendees can lead and embrace change in their organization
  • Understand why age-old ideas on how to what drives change no longer

  • Discover the 3 critical steps to making a change

  • Gain awareness towards unconscious biases that may get in the way of growth

  • Move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and be more open to new people and ideas

Eleanor Warmack

Eleanor Warmack CPRP, CAE

Executive Director / Florida Parks & Recreation

“Karen’s presentation ‘Change is Good – You Go First’ was spot on with our members. She made our delegates feel more comfortable with change and embrace the opportunities that change presents to us each day. She was humorous and connected with our participants immediately when she came floor level and involved members of the audience. She even had one member literally ‘dancing in the aisle.’ Great speaker, great message, great results.”