A Guide to Generation Z


Generation Z started entering the workforce in 2017. 11,000 new Gen Z enter the workforce every day. Like every other generation, Gen Z has a unique perspective of the world and particular expectation of the workplace.  Soon, Generation Z will have a major presence in the workplace and the marketplace, You might think that because Gen Z comes right behind the “Me-Centric” Millennial they are very similar. They are, however, different from Millennials in many ways. The “We-Centric” Gen Z has different values, preferences, and perspectives. Karen will address Gen Z’s view on communication, technology, retention, promotions, work ethic, and fears.  You will gain insights on new ways of managing, giving feedback, as well as motivating  the “new kids on the block”, Generation Z.


Karen will customize to fit your needs

  • Gaining an Understanding Gen Z and how they’ll impact your workforce
  • Identifying ways to reach out and connect with Gen Z
  • Leveraging your own generational strengths to lead Gen Z
  • Discovering how Gen Z views brands
  • Leaving with specific actions you can use right away to lead, connect and inspire Gen Z
  • Be inspired to learn more and connect more with Generation Z