A Guide to Generation Z


“In one word, I describe Karen’s performance as Outstanding! While the insight that she shared about the differences in generations was very helpful and insightful, what I felt was most compelling was how Karen wove her own story throughout her presentation. Karen gives you not just research but the benefit of her personal experiences. As someone who manages all people in all 4 generations (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z) it was critical to see how each of them, and especially Gen Z, bring something to the table and by embracing the differences rather than trying to make them see things from my point of view makes for a better organization.Karen is a wonderful blend of entertaining content and pertinent, actionable advice on dealing with differing generations in the workplace. ” Glenn Loughridge ,Auburn/NACAS Sough CX 2019

While Millennials are taking on more leadership and management roles, a new generation, Gen Z is emerging. Soon, Generation Z will have a major presence in the workplace, marketplace as well as education markets. You might think that because Gen Z comes right behind the “Me-Centric” Millennial they are very similar. They are, however, different from Millennials in many ways. The “We-Centric” Gen Z has different values, preferences, and perspectives. Karen customizes this presentation addressing  communication styles , recruiting, and retention, and she aligns the presentation with your workplace, industry, culture and specific needs.


Karen will customize to fit your needs

  • Gaining an Understanding Gen Z and how they’ll impact your workforce
  • Identifying ways to reach out and connect with Gen Z
  • Leveraging your own generational strengths to lead Gen Z
  • Discovering how Gen Z views brands
  • Leaving with specific actions you can use right away to lead, connect and inspire Gen Z
  • Be inspired to learn more and connect more with Generation Z