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Generations in the Workplace

2019-10-16T17:14:55+00:00By |

Generations in the Workplace Every new generation changes workplace culture It started back in the days of Socrates and continues today with the arrival of the newest and the largest generation in the workplace, Gen Z. Hopefully, the time has come when we will finally pivot away from our Millennial obsession and begin to consider how Gen Z will change the world of work! Karen McCullough explores the impact each [...]

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Hello Generation Interruption – Generations in the Workplace

2019-10-16T03:23:07+00:00By |Generations|

Many of you know I speak around the country on the subjects of Generations in the Workplace, Change and Rebranding, and Generational Opportunities. A few weeks ago I returned home from an event where the team who booked me was under the impression that my 45-minute presentation would give them the quick and easy steps in “How to Manage Your Millennial.” The director said that these young kids are a huge interruption in [...]


Rethink It Forward – Social Distancing & The Generations

2020-04-24T04:27:56+00:00By |

ReThink It Forward:The Generations Scorecard on Social DistancingWondering which generation is doing the best with social distancing? The answer may surprise you!  If you want to smile and maybe even laugh out loud, this video is for you! And…Boomers don't take it personally. Karen’s a Boomer!Book Karen McCullough for Your Next (Virtual) Event!Through her keynotes, breakouts, and webinars, highly sought after Keynote speaker and virtual presenter Karen McCullough shares [...]

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Why Change In the Workplace is Good! A Guide For Companies

2020-03-24T18:30:31+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

It’s natural to think change in the workplace is a bad thing. Change can be daunting, change can be scary, it removes us from our comfort zone. You know... that familiar zone we all want to live in forever! But change is good in the workplace. So in this article, we are going to investigate and explain why any change in your organization has positive outcomes. We’re also going [...]


THE GENERATIONAL ADVANTAGE: Leading in a Multigenerational Workplace

2020-01-22T17:16:21+00:00By |

Generational Advantage:  Leading in a Multigenerational Workplace If you are looking for an upbeat presentation on the Generations look no further. Karen McCullough’s Generational Advantage keynote takes a positive approach to generations in the workplace and in your organization. It’s an exciting time! The U.S. workforce now has up to five generations working side-by-side. This wealth of talent provides organizations access to a deep [...]

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Generations in Healthcare – Each Generations’ Perspective “How and Why” of Work

2018-06-14T18:29:22+00:00By |Generations|

My last keynote focused around generations in healthcare.  The event  brought me to New York City where I had the honor of presenting to a room of about 150 physicians and some staff from hospitals across the country. They asked if I would do the opening keynote on “The Generations in the Workplace,” with a focus on healthcare. In addition they wanted  a breakout going deeper into generational perspectives in [...]


Gen X: The Most Creative of All the Generations – It’s Your Time!

2018-05-21T17:05:27+00:00By ||

Gen X: The Most Creative of All the Generations - It's Your Time! Generations in the Workplace speaker, Karen McCullough loves Gen X. She tells them that it is NOW their Time to Lead. It’s interesting that the most negative elements of your childhood and early adult life may well be those that will provide you with the strongest capabilities today. Your courage, guts, determination, pragmatism, and [...]


Rethink It Forward – Stay Energized

2020-04-14T16:01:46+00:00By |

ReThink It Forward: Stay EnergizedCOVID-19 is stretching everyone to their limits. Building and maintaining a business in the midst of social distancing and a quarantine is hard work. Working from home and homeschooling children is draining! Not to mention the news is depressing. Keynote speakers Karen McCullough and Crystal Washington share their insights into how to renew your energy, maintain stamens, and recharge your battery. maintaining stamina, through meditation, [...]

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Can You Learn Resilience? Here’s How To Be Resilient in Life!

2020-03-24T18:31:29+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

With the onset of daily news reports being enough to make you want to run away and hide in the nearest hole in the ground. Is it any wonder that mental health issues are growing daily in our homes, school, and communities? Fear of losing our health, our homes and our loved ones when reading media representations of situations such as the recent coronavirus outbreak, rising fear within the [...]


Karen’s Full Bio

2019-06-10T20:50:36+00:00By |

Karen's Full Bio Karen McCullough is a nationally known keynote speaker and expert on change, generational opportunities and workforce trends. Karen helps organizations cut through the generational biases and get back to reality by leveraging their team's strengths, enriching the work environment, and driving better results. Each of her presentations brings a realistic perspective on workplace trends, employee engagement, while offering [...]

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