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Do you want to be a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker who takes speaking to the next level?

In order to do that, you need create an amazing paid presentation that gets booked consistently. The problem is many speakers don’t know where to begin when sitting down to write a new keynote speech. They can feel stuck, confused, and maybe even worried.

I get it! I remember what it is like to get stuck, staring at a blank screen.

That is why I decided to draw upon my 20 years experience as keynoter who has presented to over 1000 top organizations, to develop the Killer Keynote Workshop. In this course, I will walk you through a repeatable process anyone can use to write an amazing keynote presentation that will get you booked.

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In this full day workshop we will take a deep dive into the creative process that is necessary to write, deliver, and book a “Killer Keynote”.

  • Leave with a STRUCTURE that will guide you when writing your keynotes and presentations.
  • Gain insights into what the audiences in 2019 want and demand.
  • Receive Karen’s formula on how to market, promote, and consistently book your keynote.
  • The “step by step: structure of a Killer Keynote
  • Karen’s “I wish someone told me” List
  • Creating and Delivering the “Content Chunks”
  • Practicing the “show me” don’t “tell me” technique
  • Honest feedback that will accelerate your success
  • Ideas shared on “How Karen first got paid to speak in Houston”
  • Gain valuable insights on how to get booked from the stage
  • Learn how to write the NECESSARY Marketing Pieces that WILL get you booked.
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18 reviews for Live Workshop: How to Get Booked & Deliver a Killer Keynote

  1. Jill Koob

    WOW! Karen is absolutely amazing at what she does and having her share her secrets of success were invaluable! I loved that Karen kept the workshop to a small group so we all got her personal attention and coaching. Before I did the workshop, my talk was boring and content heavy. I used Karen’s coaching and training and turned my boring presentation into a relevant, fun and compelling talk. I just presented to a group yesterday and what a difference! I had their attention and engagement the entire time and gained some potential new clients because of it!! If you are looking to improve your Keynote, Breakout Session or just a presentation, Karen’s Killer Keynote Workshop is the definitely it!!

    Jill Koob, Energize HR

  2. Garreta Kipp

    Karen’s Killer Keynote Workshop is one of the most effective I have ever attended! Her message and support materials are masterfully crafted and presented in fun and entertaining ways that both inform and inspire! I was very impressed by the way she engage participants on both group and individual levels – she kept the group pace going while still providing generous interludes of time for personal processing of information. By the close of the workshop, I had a renewed enthusiasm for developing my own keynote, and a deeper understanding and clarity as to how to make it happen! Thank you, Karen!

  3. Linda Stacy

    Karen’s Killer Keynote Workshop was amazing! Before the class I was hesitant about how, exactly, to open my keynote … a story…? A statistic…? I was also insecure about how to use various components of my content. Karen quickly helped me (and the others) identify overall messaging, and then how content pieces fit within (and can be swapped in and out, depending on my audience). Karen had such great suggestions for all of us and has such a sense for how to set up material so our audiences can best “consume” what we are delivering. Extra amazing that the same principles are easily transferable to our marketing content! Thank you, Karen, for sharing your wisdom!

  4. Marybeth Wuenschel

    Karen, your Killer Keynote seminar/workshop today in Houston was excellent. I learned so much and had a blast doing it. I came away inspired and motivated and with a new confidence because now I have the tools to write a killer keynote! Thank you for believing in me and for helping to promote me to a new level of courage and faith. I can do this. I have a message and I am not shrinking back. Thank you Karen for your generosity, your creativity and expertise and especially for treating each one of us as if we were the most important person in the room.

  5. Lisa Hernandez (verified owner)

    Karen your workshop is a wealth of information. Loads of value information just flows from you. It is encouraging to know that you sincerely want to see each of us succeed. You give so much of yourself and your ideas. Your drive and passion are motivating. Your advice and direction are extremely helpful. I can’t wait to start our one on one coaching.

  6. bep54 (verified owner)

    I have just completed the “Killer Keynote” professional training with Karen McCullough. As a speaker/trainer building my business, Karen provided insight and directions to move by business to the next level. She gives all of the “golden nuggets” of success in the speaking business. Since she is accomplished in her craft, in her Killer Keynote Workbook, the important step-by-step instructions are mapped out for you. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of Karen’s workshops, you will not be disappointed.

    Barbara Ray Polk, Ed.D, Educational Leadership

    Texas Education Agency Consultant

  7. Kim Nugent (verified owner)

    There are always golden nuggets in Karen’s workshops. She is highly entertaining and is committed to each participants success.

  8. Nasyim Segal, Business Coach & Speaker (verified owner)

    Karen is amazing and this workshop will inspire you to get up & get moving! Since taking her workshop 3 days ago – I have booked 2 speaking engagements! If it weren’t for Karen I would have been too hesitant to get booked & would still be sitting in my office wondering how to start promoting my speaking business.

    She’s energetic, compassionate, and has loads of experience. Karen does not hold back & neither should you! So, if your new to the speaking industry or even if you’re already in the biz – book Karen’s workshop NOW to boost your success and I guarantee you wont ever look back!

  9. Kim Davis (verified owner)

    Karen… you outdid yourself. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you pouring so much into us at your Killer Keynote Workshops. EVERY TIME I attend I walk away with new information. This last workshop was chocked full with so much “to do” stuff. I learned a clear path to the order of getting booked. I’m working through those steps now and trying to create my own “Jay” experience and good news story. Thank you so much for all you do. One of the best things about working with you is that it is clear you want us to get it and win. You give so much, no wonder you were exhausted at the end of the day. Cheers my friend!

  10. Jay Menard

    Do everything Karen told you to do today. If you use Ben for your website, trust him.
    I did everything Karen told me to. I went from 0 bookings with no direction to multiple bookings AND tons of inquiries and serious traffic on my site and YouTube channel.
    I used to send three paragraph long emails telling potential clients how great I was with NO responses.
    Karen showed me how to write a four sentence email with my website and YouTube channel.
    It’s gonna be a great summer ?.
    Advise: take the one on one classes.
    I’ll be back Karen! I still need more training!

  11. Kate Frank (verified owner)

    Karen McCullough has her finger on the pulse of people from all walks of life. She generously shares insights with our group and helps us redefine our relationship with our audience in powerful ways. What I learn in each of these workshops is extremely valuable to my ability to communicate in a way the audience welcomes. Her delivery of critical information is full of vitality and is entertaining. But we didn’t come just to be entertained and Karen never disappoints. I came home with a list of action items I expect to make a huge difference in my business. Never pass up an opportunity to learn from her.

    Kate Frank, Book Consultant
    Nonfiction Ghostwriter

  12. Veronique Eberhart (verified owner)

    Karen cares – it’s pretty obvious! She wants you to get what you came looking for… and she is such a wealth of information that we only had to pick and choose.
    I went to her workshop to explore my possibilities. Keynote speaking has only been a dream and a thought so far. I came out with a topic, a road map, and a knowing that speaking is a real thing that is available to me.
    If you think speaking could be your thing too, come meet Karen.

  13. Dr. Barbara Polk, Education Consultant

    If you want to learn from the best, you have chosen the right professional. As you begin, continue, or expand your career, you will be given information about the speaking, training, teaching business that you can use immediately. The most important thing about Karen is that you have fun while you learn. No pre-judging, just a caring, welcoming atmosphere to grow your business. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to hear Karen speak or learn the speaking business. You are in for a treat.

  14. James Brown

    Karen’s Killer Keynote was absolutely AMAZING. She is able to relate with each attendee in the room based their level of experience. Her structure, transparency and candidness provide immediate take aways and action items to be used both now and down the road. If you are a speaker or desire to be a speaker, I highly recommend attending Karen’s Killer Keynote it is resources very well spent.

  15. Sara Brook

    Karen is dynamic, personable and inspiring! Just what I needed to get started in my speaking career! I highly recommend Karen’s workshop and coaching opportunities.

  16. Nancy Hopper

    I live in Austin – I was hoping it was worth the drive. I have written my opening and closing story and delivered my NEW keynote twice since our workshop and It was a huge hit. From one keynote I have already booked a sales training. Being in the presence of Karen, a person who has put in the time and effort to succeed, and then basically give it away to mentor and coach all of us to succeed, is the greatest gift you get in the Speakers Business. I will make all of her seminars and continue to be mentored by Karen! Better in get in line, as she’s getting busier and busier!

  17. Mary Margolis

    Karen if fabulous! I first heard her speak at a national conference and I was so impressed that I have taken the live workshop on How to write and Deliver a Killer Keynote and I also met with her one-on-one to prepare for a specific engagement. She really knows her stuff and gives you the confidence and direction needed to take you to the next level. I will be booking more sessions with her.

  18. Rob Pennington, PhD

    Whether you are just beginning or have years of experience, if you want the most up-to-date, insider formulas for designing a successful keynote presentation, from intro to closing, with opportunities for personalized feedback and recommendations, there is no better, more valuable resource than Houston’s own Karen McCullough. Based on her extensive experience appearing on the Big Stage and what she has learned herself from the best in the business, Karen’s programs are entertaining, engaging, practical and just plain fun. The specific advice I received on how to make my introduction more powerful and impactful was worth way more than the price of admission alone, and then, I learned so much more. You will too.

    Rob Pennington, Ph.D., Psychologist
    Award winning speaker, trainer and author
    President, NSA Houston 2013-15

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