The Truth About Diversity in the Workplace Diversity training can be uncomfortable for many of us because we have a fear of either being judged or seen as judging others. Even popular and forward thinking television shows reveal our discomfort with the subject. Although it’s hysterically funny and a bit over the top, this episode of [...]

Hidden Biases


Do You Have Any Hidden Biases? I discovered that I do and I realized that biases could be holding me back! The more we study innovation the more we are learning that differences in ideas and thinking make for better, stronger, more innovative teams. We are also learning that innovation comes through inclusion. A good [...]

Gen X is the Bridge between the Boomers and the Y’s


Gen X is the Bridge between the Boomers and the Y’s Generation X (those born 1965-1979) were raised to  operate independently. Women were leaving the homemaker role behind, and heading off to work. The working mom in the 70’s  had no daycare or nannies to watch over her children.  Many Gen X preteens/teens  were now [...]

Motivational Speaker Turns a Rejection into a Positive!


Rejections Hurt! Turning a Rejection into a Positive. Before I began professional motivational speaking, I have to admit, I had very thin skin. Rejections devastated me.  But today, rejections are  a (sad to say) big part of my life.  Fortunately, I have learned over the years how to turn a rejection into a positive.  Here’s my Lesson [...]

Stress Relief – The Easiest Way to Eliminate Stress after a Hard Days Work


Stress Relief – The Easiest Way to Eliminate Stress After a Hard Days Work I am noticing that I am having a tough time falling asleep. My mind keeps going over all of the NEW projects and creative ideas that are being presented. Being an (ENFP) entrepreneur I like my day to be open and [...]

Are You Over-Committed? Here’s Help!


Overcommitment Can Get Between You and Your Dreams. What’s that one thing that if you completed, it, the results would bring you more happiness, satisfaction, money, or fame? Maybe, it’s getting that project management accreditation, realtor license, taking Spanish 4, or signing up for Keynote Speaker, Crystal Washington’s webinar course on marketing through social media? Honestly, we [...]