Project Description

Work Ethic

In this video generations in the workplace speaker, Karen McCullough shares insights into the work ethic of Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Today there is much written about the lack of a work ethic in the youngest generation in the workplace. Karen takes the viewer back to WWII and the top-down military leadership style that won the war. She shows the evolution of a work style “ethic” that has evolved from working harder to working smarter. No matter what generation you connect with, this video is for you.

What’s Your Work Ethic?


Pay your dues, work hard, respect authority, company first, earn seniority


Driven, love work, workaholics, long hours identify and self worth, just get it done

Gen X

Balance, work smarter not harder, eliminate tasks, self-reliant, long hours at work not necessary, flexibility


Ambitious, seeking out value, “what’s next?”