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Millennial Job-Hopping: Understanding a Growing Trend

2019-12-02T17:06:00+00:00By |Generations|

If you Google "Millennial" you see the countless stereotypes written about the Millennial employee. They are called lazy, entitled, immature, non-committed job-hoppers.  Today many employers call Millennials a definite “flight risk.”I've been researching and speaking on Generations in the Workplace for over 10 years. I believe that time spent judging different generations would be much better spent understanding them.



2019-03-15T15:46:36+00:00By |

Testimonials QUICK LINKS: Associations Corporate Credit Unions Education Food Services Financial Government Hospitality Manufacturing Non-Profit Women’s Conference Associations Craig Tew Director of Events | National Notary Association “From the start, our initial call six months prior to our event, [...]

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Gain the Competitive Advantage in Attracting, Retaining, and Engaging Millennial Talent

2019-10-16T03:19:17+00:00By |Generations|

Most Millennials were raised by Baby Boomers and are often misunderstood by Gen X, Traditionalists, and even the Boomers. When you understand what motivates this generation (also known as Gen Y), you gain a compelling competitive advantage in attracting, retaining, and engaging Millennial talent that fits well with your own organization.


10 Things You Need to Know About Gen Z

2020-01-07T16:23:35+00:00By |Generations|

Gen Z is on the Horizon I have been speaking on Generations in the Workplace for 10 years and finally I have a new Generation to introduce to the workplace! Gen Z is on the horizon! This untested generation’s oldest members are now turning 21 and getting ready to enter your workforce. Gen Z will soon take on their own mantle as opposed to the “They want a trophy [...]


Employee Engagement and Millennials

2019-10-16T03:19:49+00:00By |Generations|

I have always been fascinated with the concept of employee engagement. Before I became a professional speaker, I owned and operated four retail-clothing stores in Houston. Back then, I instinctively knew the power of employee engagement. I saw first hand that if my employees were happy and motivated they would be more productive—selling more and growing the business. And I found ways to support and encourage these positive attitudes in [...]


Video Gallery

2020-01-10T04:34:35+00:00By |

Karen's Featured Video RECENT SPEAKING VIDEOS Keeping Up with the Pace of Change Two Generations Join Forces and Create Something New [...]

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Career Development

2018-05-21T16:59:53+00:00By |, |

Career Development Millennials are impatient when it comes to career development, advancement, and promotions. They are interested in moving their career upward as quickly as possible. When a manager talks about career development they are speaking the love language of the new workforce. So What Do They Want? First and foremost, they want to know how their performance will be measured, before the end of the year review. [...]


Work Ethic

2018-05-21T17:03:46+00:00By |, |

Work Ethic In this video generations in the workplace speaker, Karen McCullough shares insights into the work ethic of Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Today there is much written about the lack of a work ethic in the youngest generation in the workplace. Karen takes the viewer back to WWII and the top-down military leadership style that won the war. She shows the evolution of a [...]


Meeting Professionals

2019-06-11T00:01:32+00:00By |

Meeting Professionals “Karen Elevates your Keynote Experience from Credible to Incredible” – Sam Bhandarkar, CMP, CASE Director of Events | American Culinary Federation, Inc Our world is changing and changing FAST. Whether exploring generations in the workplace, promoting culture and inclusion, or boosting employee engagement, Karen McCullough’s keynotes provide the tools organizations need to face change head on and thrive. Her personalized [...]

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2020-03-12T20:39:46+00:00By |

Karen Delivers a Highly Interactive Keynote Experience When you book one of Karen’s keynote presentations you can count on a highly energetic experience. Her keynote presentations blend business storytelling, current research, relevant examples, case studies, and a closing game that is a winner. Karen is committed to delivering quality content, high humor, and actionable ideas. She is sure to impact today’s conferences and meetings across the country. [...]

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