Millennial Women Have Landed!


Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of speaking at several women’s conferences and I am excited to announce that, “Millennial Women Have Landed!”


Millennial Women Redefining Success.

Millennial women (AKA Gen Y ages 21-35) are redefining what success looks like. This generation of women feel they are defined by what they do –  blending their work/careers and their personal lives. They are embracing “The Slash”: Career (banker)/yoga instructor/dog-walker/loving wife and mother/preschool volunteer/weekend gourmet/blogger/and so on!

Pew research tells us that Gen Y women are enthusiastic, optimistic, and ambitious. So, Hats off to you Boomer women for paving the way and to you Gen X for telling the world what’s important to women. Millennial women have reaped the benefits and are showing up “In Charge”.



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OK Boomer Meme Gains Attention
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