Attract, Engage and Motivate Gen Z

A Guide to Understanding Gen Z

Gen Z has entered the workforce and possibly your workplace. Don’t be fooled. It would be easy to assume that GenZ are just younger versions of Millennials; they are not!

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Prepare For the Future of the Workplace!

Join Generational Keynote Speaker and Gen Z Expert Karen McCullough as gives us a peek into the mindset of this new generation and helps prepare us for the future of the workplace!

Get a Peek into the Mindset Gen Z

Generation Z has new strengths, weaknesses, needs, and wants. In this interactive session, you will discover how best to connect, engage, and lead this unprecedented generation.

  • Understand Gen Z and learn how they’ll impact your workforce.
  • Discover the Gen Z perspective to what shaped them and the uniqueness they bring to work.
  • Discuss the concept of Quiet Quitting and workplace boundaries and engagement
  • Learn how to leverage your own generational strengths to lead this generation.
  • Take actions you can use immediately to drive Gen Z employee recruiting, retention, mental wellbeing, motivation, communication

What You Need to Know About Gen Z

Gen Z very recently entered the workforce, and they’re already expressing their opinions, rewriting workplace norms, making their Millennials colleagues feel old and a bit outdated.
Born between 1997–2012, they are 70 million in size, are ethnically diverse, socially open-minded, globally connected, fiscally conservative, and environmentally focused. They are the world’s largest consumer group and in the USA with spending power of 143 billion per year. They were born into a smartphone -social media world and they don’t use email or Facebook but consume Snap, Insta, YouTube, and Tik Tok.

The modern workplace has been constantly evolving and changing throughout the years - both in response to the adoption of new technologies, as well as the shifting values and work-styles from generation to generation.

Catherine Kuber


“Karen was fantastic; a great fit for our audience! She was able to communicate the importance of understanding the different generations in the workplace in an engaging, informative, and fun way. I would highly recommend Karen for any company or association who is looking to bring instant relevance to attendees.”