OK Boomer Meme Gains Attention

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Social media has introduced a new way to communicate emotions with memes. Millennials and Zoomers (Generation Z) are into this form of communication, and a recent Boomer meme is stirring up a lot of controversy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with memes, it’s a piece of media, often humorous, that spreads rapidly through the internet. Think of a meme as a cultural expression that spreads according to [...]


Understanding the Imposter Syndrome? What You Can Do about It?

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You’ve worked your whole life to lead up to this moment. You’ve put in the hours, studied your heart out, and visualized this achievement again and again. And now, you've landed a big promotion, yet you feel that there must be a mix-up somehow.  That surely someone smarter than ourselves will realize that we're a fake? Consequently, you're not alone: The culprit of these feelings of doubt and insecurity is "imposter syndrome," a condition that's more common than you may think.


Millennial Job-Hopping: Understanding a Growing Trend

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If you Google "Millennial" you see the countless stereotypes written about the Millennial employee. They are called lazy, entitled, immature, non-committed job-hoppers.  Today many employers call Millennials a definite “flight risk.”I've been researching and speaking on Generations in the Workplace for over 10 years. I believe that time spent judging different generations would be much better spent understanding them.


Gain the Competitive Advantage in Attracting, Retaining, and Engaging Millennial Talent

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Most Millennials were raised by Baby Boomers and are often misunderstood by Gen X, Traditionalists, and even the Boomers. When you understand what motivates this generation (also known as Gen Y), you gain a compelling competitive advantage in attracting, retaining, and engaging Millennial talent that fits well with your own organization.


Delivering WOW Customer Experience

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So, what are the components that go into a great customer experience? Research tells us that when you give customers a great experience and they’ll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience with friends. That’s what every company strives for, right? But if that’s the case, why are we consumers so disappointed? There is an “experience-disconnect” going on everywhere!


10 Things You Need to Know About Gen Z

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Gen Z is on the Horizon I have been speaking on Generations in the Workplace for 10 years and finally I have a new Generation to introduce to the workplace! Gen Z is on the horizon! This untested generation’s oldest members are now turning 21 and getting ready to enter your workforce. Gen Z will soon take on their own mantle as opposed to the “They want a trophy [...]


Employee Engagement and Millennials

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I have always been fascinated with the concept of employee engagement. Before I became a professional speaker, I owned and operated four retail-clothing stores in Houston. Back then, I instinctively knew the power of employee engagement. I saw first hand that if my employees were happy and motivated they would be more productive—selling more and growing the business. And I found ways to support and encourage these positive attitudes in [...]


Tips That Helped Me Lose the Jitters and Give a Speech!

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Before becoming a keynote speaker I will admit I was afraid of public speaking. As far back as I can remember the fear of getting up in front of any group made my heart beat fast and my nerves run wild. It took me almost 10 years to be comfortable giving a speech on the big stage. In this blog post I am sharing the tips and practices that have [...]


Hello Generation Interruption – Generations in the Workplace

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Many of you know I speak around the country on the subjects of Generations in the Workplace, Change and Rebranding, and Generational Opportunities. A few weeks ago I returned home from an event where the team who booked me was under the impression that my 45-minute presentation would give them the quick and easy steps in “How to Manage Your Millennial.” The director said that these young kids are a huge interruption in [...]


How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Recommendation

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I have to admit that I have neglected LinkedIn for a long time. Although I hopped on its platform years ago, most of my social time and energy went to the more playful and engaging sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And then the light bulb went off. It happened one morning while I was watching CNBC’s Squawk Box when I heard Joe and Becky singing their praises about LinkedIn. [...]