Why Diversity is Important in the Workplace – A Guide

2021-08-11T17:13:52+00:00By |Change|

Diversity in the workplace is one of the hottest topics in the HR industry and is a significant goal for most companies. Diversity is important in the workplace and companies must have a diversity strategy to succeed and attract and keep talented employees. Recent workplace diversity shows that 67% of job seekers said a diverse workforce is essential when evaluating companies and job offers. It's crucial to include diversity in [...]


Your IQ Gets You Hired-Your EQ Gets you Fired: Emotional Intelligence is Good for Your Career. 

2021-09-04T19:57:57+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

There's an expression floating around that your IQ get's you hired, and your EQ( emotional intelligence) gets you fired. Today we are all experiencing that work is changing and the work rules have changed. There is a considerable workplace shift taking place, and it has to do with our emotions and how we manage them. Today emotional intelligence is good for your career, noting the benefits are impressive. Soft skills, [...]


Understanding Gen Z: They Are Not Young Millennials

2020-12-06T14:11:46+00:00By |Generations|

If you haven't noticed, Gen Z has arrived and they need some understanding! They are the "newest" generation to enter the workplace and are soon to pass Millennials as the largest generation with 1/3 of the world's population. In the U.S., Gen Z accounts for more than 25% of the people and is the most diverse generation in history. Now Gen Z is making its presence known in the workplace. [...]


Tired of Working from Home? You’re Not Alone!

2020-10-28T19:48:20+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

Remember back in March when the pandemic hit the U.S., and you left your desk, packed up your things, and started working from home? If you're anything like me, you thought that you would be back at work in a few weeks or maybe, at the most, in a few months. Well, it looks like working from home might be in effect a bit longer—until the end of 2021, especially [...]


Time to Rethink, Reboot, and Rebrand 

2020-10-28T19:49:35+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

The coronavirus has made 2020 the year for each of us to rethink, reboot, and rebrand. For many, 2019 was a great year with hopes that 2020 would be even better. Then BAM!!! We got derailed by a virus that drastically changed each of our lives with school closings, layoffs, furloughs, and business closures that continue to leave us fearful of a future where we might be left behind. [...]


Can You Learn Resilience? Here’s How To Be Resilient in Life!

2020-08-11T13:39:04+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

With the onset of daily news reports being enough to make you want to run away and hide in the nearest hole in the ground. Is it any wonder that mental health issues are growing daily in our homes, school, and communities? Fear of losing our health, our homes and our loved ones when reading media representations of situations such as the recent coronavirus outbreak, rising fear within the [...]


A Few Tips When Working from Home

2020-05-17T15:08:09+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

Companies across the country are urging their employees to work from home. The New York Times calls this, “the World’s Largest Work-from-Home Experiment.” If you are about to or now working from home, this post is for you! Actually, Being a solopreneur, I do love working from home and have been doing it for almost 20 years. I admit in the beginning it was challenging. I came from a robust [...]


Why Change In the Workplace is Good! A Guide For Companies

2020-03-24T18:30:31+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

It’s natural to think change in the workplace is a bad thing. Change can be daunting, change can be scary, it removes us from our comfort zone. You know... that familiar zone we all want to live in forever! But change is good in the workplace. So in this article, we are going to investigate and explain why any change in your organization has positive outcomes. We’re also going [...]


OK Boomer Meme Gains Attention

2021-06-02T22:00:57+00:00By |Generations|

Social media has introduced a new way to communicate emotions with memes. Millennials and Zoomers (Generation Z) are into this form of communication, and a recent Boomer meme is stirring up a lot of controversy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with memes, it’s a piece of media, often humorous, that spreads rapidly through the internet. Think of a meme as a cultural expression that spreads according to [...]


Understanding the Imposter Syndrome? What You Can Do about It?

2019-12-13T20:49:04+00:00By |Leadership/Management|

You’ve worked your whole life to lead up to this moment. You’ve put in the hours, studied your heart out, and visualized this achievement again and again. And now, you've landed a big promotion, yet you feel that there must be a mix-up somehow.  That surely someone smarter than ourselves will realize that we're a fake? Consequently, you're not alone: The culprit of these feelings of doubt and insecurity is "imposter syndrome," a condition that's more common than you may think.


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