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Creating & Writing Your Killer Keynote

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About this course

Do you want to be a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker who takes speaking to the next level?

In order to do that, you need create an amazing paid presentation that gets booked consistently. The problem is many speakers don’t know where to begin when sitting down to write a new keynote speech. 

That is why I decided to draw upon my 20 years experience as keynoter who has presented to over 1000 top organizations, to develop the Killer Keynote Workshop. In this course, I will walk you through a repeatable process anyone can use to write an amazing keynote presentation that will get you booked.

In this course you will:

  • Clarify Your Message
  • Master Your Keynote
  • Increase Your Bookings

Course Structure

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01. What is a Keynote

This module will give you a clear understanding of what a keynote presentation really is... and what is is not. We will breakdown the various types of paid speaking engagements, define the core elements of a keynote presentation, and get an understanding of where you need to begin.

What is a Keynote Overview

To be a speaker it is very important to know what a keynote presentation is... and, what is is not. In this section we clearly define a keynote and talk about the essential elements that are required to truly give a killer keynote presentation.

Types of Presentations

This lesson we will define the different types of paid speaking engagements: Keynote, Breakout, Workshop and Seminar.

Elements of a Keynote

This lesson will explore the eight core elements of a keynote presentation.

Where to Begin

Feeling confused about where to start? In this lesson I give you five areas to focus on that will help you translate your content and perspective into a keynote presentation that will get booked.

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02. Your Topic

In this module we will be identifying and defining the topic or topics that you will be speaking about. In addition to exploring the tools necessary to select a topic that you are knowledgable and passionate about, we will also ensure that it is a topic that relates to today's audiences and will result in getting you booked.

Your Topic Overview

Now that you have had time to explore the segments of your life, contemplate the things that your are passionate about, and use mind-mapping get get your ideas out of your head and onto paper, we are ready to move on to the next section! We will be building on the last section in order to define your topic and figure out exactly what you are going to be speaking about.

Pick a Lane

One of the hardest decisions a beginner speaker must make is what specific speaking topic they are going to speak on. What do they want to be known for? What is their area of expertise?

Picking a lane, makes it easier to decide if your content is right from a particular group. You are making what you speak on clear, and that is always a good thing.

Follow the Money

It is very common for new speakers to tell me they want to speak on a topic that I know many organizations are not going to pay for. If you are planning to make this your full-time career, it is critical that you pick a topic that not only has relevance, but also pays well.

The bottom line is, you need to pick a topic that people today both need to hear and are willing to pay to hear.

Titles Sell

Think of your title as the main marketing piece of your keynote. It needs to be interesting, be creative, spark interest and curiosity–And, it needs to offer clarity on what your program is about.

In this section we will talk about the elements of a title that not only show off your unique perspective, but will also get you booked!

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08. Bonus Lessons

Additional tools, tips & resources.

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