Generations in the Workplace

Generations Expert and Keynote Speaker, Karen McCullough explores the unique experiences of workers across different generations in the workforce. She covers topics ranging from generational differences in communication and work styles, to the challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce.

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While people around the world are returning to their lives, returning to the movie theaters, restaurants, conferences, and travel, they are not excited about going back to the office, especially Gen Z. That's right, Gen Z employees don't want to return to the office. Even

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Generations Rock: Gaining the Generational Advantage Book Cover

Generations Rock

Gaining the Generational Advantage

Karen’s new book, Generations Rock, shines a positive light on all the generations sharing their quirks and attributes. Get the tools necessary to create an environment of multi-generational trust, collaboration, productivity, and innovation that is sure to give you The Generational Advantage!