Bridge the Generational Gaps in Your Organization

Whether on-stage or online, Karen’s engaging programs will help you cut through generational biases, live your brand, and embrace change to spark a positive transformation within your organization.

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Karen Empowers Audiences to

Embrace Generational Diversity in the Workplace

What’s the difference between a Boomer and a Millennial’s communication style? What motivates a Generation X versus a Generation Z employee?

Not knowing the answers to these questions could affect your workplace dynamics as well as the bottom line. 

For the past two decades, Karen has worked with corporations, businesses, and universities, inspiring and equipping audiences with insights, tools, and case studies, helping them gain a competitive generational advantage.

Her engaging and insightful programs help people and organizations embrace generational diversity by providing honest solutions that help bridge the generational gaps while encouraging better understanding and cooperation.

Speaking Clips

Watch Karen in Action

“Karen’s speaking style relates to every person in the audience, whether they are younger or older, female or male. She is extremely funny, but she is also very informative, knowledgeable, and inspiring. When speaking, she captures the room and not only gets people excited to hear about what she needs to say, but encourages people to continue the conversation.”


Most Requested Programs

Quality Content, Engaging Humor, & Actionable Ideas

It's Not Personal, It's Generational


If you are looking for an upbeat presentation on the Generations, look no further. Karen delivers a positive approach to generations in the workplace and your organization. Karen gets the audience involved!

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Change is Good


The world is changing and it is changing fast. Technology creates new opportunities that are transforming the future of work, business and even lifestyles. Karen give us the tools and rituals to face change head on and thrive.

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Going Beyond the Brand

Living the brand & growing engagement

Your people are what defines your business culture and your brand. Karen shares her CPR Engagement strategies encouraging your employees to provide customers the ultimate brand experience.

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My Name May Be Karen...
But I'm Not a “Karen”

However, the sad truth is generational put-downs are all too common today. From "OK Boomer" to "Slackers" to "Entitled Millennials", generational stereotyping is becoming more and more accepted in our workplace.

Today’s workforce is comprised of five unique generations that are extremely diverse in terms of experiences, expectations, and motivations. These differences often cause imbalance, conflicts and stress points between co-workers.

I am on a mission to help people and organizations embrace generational diversity by providing honest solutions that help bridge the generational gaps and encourage better understanding and cooperation.