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It’s really great when women speakers are showcased, honored, and praised.  I have presented at many conferences where I am the only female speaker and I am excited to see that Kelly Swanson put the time into sharing 12 diverse … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I spoke to the Texas Association of Fairs and Events in Austin ,Texas. This diverse audience is responsible for all the fun, food, and festivities at places like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, State Fair of Texas and so much more. If ever a group needed to learn about Gen Y it was this one! Not only do they hire young people on a daily basis, but their #1 customer is young! Here’s what I had to say … Continue reading

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Do you believe in miracles? I do! I believe anything is possible. First you have to have the vision and then roll up your sleeves and prepare to do the work! Last month, Crystal Washington and I created a new Social Media Workshop endeavor called, Socialtunities. The word came from an idea we both got from Sam Horn, combining words to make a new word- so we combined Social Media and Opportunities. Continue reading

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Oprah is leaving next week and I am sad! She has been a huge part of my life especially during the time when I transitioned from being a retail business owner, to a professional speaker. I remember back in my early days of speaking, when I worked alone in my home office, anxiously waiting for 4:00 PM because that was when Oprah came on. I couldn’t afford a therapist back then, but she was there, always helping me get my head straight with her Cheryl Richardson type guests and her unique Oprah-wisdom. She always had the right things to say to move me into action and out of my funk. Continue reading

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I love going to the Apple Store.  I love  all the Apple products, I love the atmosphere in the store- great energy and I love the diversity of people!  … The last time I was there I saw Traditionalists deep … Continue reading

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Discovered Wordle today! Pretty cool Share your wordle with me!

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I love OK Go Continue reading

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The Assistance League demonstrated that volunteering is a human act, developed by everyone in various levels and stages of life. Volunteering is highly diverse and this diversity should be valued and celebrated! 65 million Americans volunteer each year. The power of millions of citizens using collaboration, creativity and their personal talents to bring solutions to their communities is thrilling. Continue reading

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In this crazy – busy –
world, women across the generations are challenged to step-in their most empowered selves to make positive change in their own lives and the lives of those around them. The Seven Women Project offers practical, insightful and powerful tools and guidance on how to meet those challenges head on, while having a little fun in the process. Continue reading

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From 1980-1999 I was a fashion retailer in Houston, Texas. Ten years ago, I decided to write a book about women, success, and what I had seen behind the dressing room doors. I hosted a runway show at the Houston Junior League called Seven Women on the Runway. This was the beginning of the book idea and that interactive event married my love of fashion with my passion entertaining and celebrating women; in this case by showcasing “real women on the runway.” My daughter , Meredith, introduced her that night, and even joined the models on the catwalk. As the book began to develop ,Meredith helped me organize my thoughts and very soon after took the lead and became co-author of The Seven Women Project. Continue reading

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